Japan Airlines First Class ORD-NRT


Class: First

Flight time: 12h:04m

ORD 12:34 NRT 15:08 +1

62,500 AA Miles + $5.00


The first class seat is a middle of the road choice.  A similar seat can be found on Air China for example, which overall is not inspiring. However, Japan Airlines has invested some time in the finishes.  A high quality brown leather has been chosen for the main upholstery and minimalist dark accents complement it nicely.  There is a 23 inch multimedia display which is positioned at a proper distance for viewing and the content selection was good.  Unfortunately the multimedia controls are not intuitive.  In fact some of the features, such as the at seat food ordering, I could not get to work at all.

The sleeping arrangement is very good.  In particular I thought the mattress pad was excellent.  One side of the pad is hard and the other soft. I’m not sure whether there is actually a difference but either way the pad and bedding made for a very comfortable bed.

There are plenty of pictures of this seat published in other trip reports, so I will continue with what was unique to this flight.




Setting with a fancy tea that was served in a wine bottle with wine glass.


White Asparagus Velouté with Sweetbread and Balsamic Vinegar




Roasted Challandais Duck Breast with Eggplant Purée & American Cherry Sauce


Cappuccino Mousse with Strawberry Sauce


Mid flight Snack: Vinegared Mackerel & Salmon Pressed Sushi

I also had the Japanese Seafood Curry with Steamed Rice before landing, but I can’t find the picture.

All the food was excellent.


The service on this flight was phenomenal. Certainly superior service is something that Japan is known for and this experience was no exception.

JAL F is an extremely comfortable and enjoyable way to travel to Japan. One thing that would be nice is if JAL had an arrivals lounge like ANA. After a long flight I like to have the option to freshen up before leaving the airport.  So, this was a bit disappointing especially considering the fact that the trip from NRT to Tokyo is around one hour.