British Airways Club Europe Review


BCN   Sch 7:55 Actual 7:53

LHR    Sch 9:20 Actual 9:16

Flight time 2hrs 1min

Business (Club Europe)

Aircraft A320

Seat 4F

350 GBP Return

Check in was smooth, although it looked like the cleaners had gone on strike.  The trash cans had not been emptied and their was shredded paper all over the floor.  The lounge for BA is the Sala VIP lounge.  It is certainly serviceable, but not special.  There was a continental breakfast available with alcohol and soft drinks.  I will note the chairs are very comfortable with soft leather and great cushions.  

The flight was boarded and pushed back a little early.  The only observation I have is that everybody on BA seems to have Fast Track.  With airlines like American there is separation within the elite boarding process.  BA could break Fast Track down more to alleviate congestion.

After a short taxi we departed to the east and turned north to London.  It was a beautiful morning with great views of Montserrat and the Pyrenees off the starboard side.

img_1080       fullsizerender-2

Legroom was the typically tight european style business class.  Also, as usual, the middle seat was blocked with a tray covering it.

img_1075-2           img_1079       

A full breakfast was served, but with only one choice, a hearty english breakfast.  There were no alternative for vegetarians, but one can pre book a special meal on this flight.  However, I was happy being a carnivore and pretty hungry.  As you can see it was the whole affair with eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Also, available was yogurt, granola bites and a choice of warm breakfast breads.


As we were over the english channel, according to the crew, there were no delays into Heathrow.  As we arrived though we held to the west for about 10 to 15 mins before heading eastbound towards Heathrow.  A very crisp morning brought nice views of London as we made our final approach after turning back west to land.

Our taxi was about 10 mins to the stand having us in London 4 minutes early.  Overall this was a very good intra european business class flight.