Girmaldi Line Ferries

Grimaldi Lines
M/N Cruise Roma

Barcelona 22:15 05/03/2017
Civitavecchia 18:45 05/04/2017
Fare Breakdown (2 people): 79EUR Base + 38.64 Accommodation = 117.64EUR Total Non Refundable.

There are a few options for travel between Spain and Italy if you don’t want to fly or take the bus. You can go by train via the French Rivera, Switzerland or Paris, but these options are expensive unless you book way ahead and/or are extremely flexible. Grimaldi lines has a ferry which you can often get for around 50% off of the full fare if you are willing to waive refund-ability. Ferries go to either Genoa or Civitavecchia which is outside of Rome. The Civitavecchia ferry runs more frequently and with less seasonal variation.

The fare structure is two part. There is a base fare and accommodation charge. We were foot passengers and choose an outside sleeping cabin. The booking engine on the website is easy to use and took our US based credit card. The site has multi lingual options which include English.

At the port of Barcelona there is a terminal exclusively used by Grimaldi, which has a cafe and waiting area. A taxi from the city center should be less than or equal to 15 EUR. Check in was open when we arrived at 18:30. So you can get there early if you want, but 19:30 is more than sufficient. Do note that the website indicates check in closes two hours before departure. After queuing you provide your booking number then are given a boarding card which doubles as your accommodation key. Boarding for foot passengers started about 90 minutes prior to departure. Please note that the whole process is not what I would call organized. Look out for crew in reflective vests that start the boarding or just watch out for mob movement. If you have a lot of luggage you can take on whatever you can carry, though I didn’t see any porters. Once onboard, if you haven’t purchased accommodation you can access a salon which has aircraft style seating.

I would rate the general cleanliness of the ship as marginal. The sheets and towels were sanitized, but both were stained. Also, many of the nooks and crannies in the cabin and public areas had grime, dust and sometimes leftover hair.

On board there is a cafe/bar, lounge, self service restaurant and full service restaurant. Also, there is a video casino, video game room and gym with spa. Most of these services carry additional costs. Wifi is advertised and can be accessed in multiple wifi zones around the ship. However when we tested it, the internet connection was so slow that all we could do was download a few emails.

The food in the self serve restaurant was passable and although not cheap, it wasn’t a complete rip off. We didn’t try the full service restaurant.

It wasn’t explicitly stated but you are expected to vacate your accommodation about two hours before arrival. This is so cleaning can begin before the return trip to Barcelona. Most passengers moved to one of the lounges to wait to disembark. The crew asked that passengers not congregate by the gangway entrance.

I hope this report outlines the service for you. We would take it again as long as we were not pressed for time. Price wise it’s a very good value. However it’s important to go in with reasonable expectations and I’ve tried to set those here.